#008: The Secret Sauce to Magical Learning Experiences For Your Students with Rob Spampinato

While Rob Spampinato has a background in music and education, it wasn’t until recently that he wrote his first book. His new book, This Book Shreds, is the result of years of experience as a teacher and musician that inspired him to share his story and secrets to creating magical learning experiences for students with others. And we are going to talk about that today on the podcast, along with the story of his successful music school, his secret sauce to inspiring students to love playing, and he shares some great tips for teachers. If you are in need of tips on how you can inspire students to love their lessons, advice for running your studio, as well as hiring the right team members for your music school, this episode is for you.


  • Rob gives us a short background on himself, his music school, and his newly released book.
  • The story of what motivated Rob to write his book, This Book Shreds.
  • His thoughts on the musical education process being out of alignment with modern educational methods and how people should be taught.
  • Rob shares the 2 golden rules they have in their music school.
  • Steps he takes to give students the wow factor and create experiences for them.
  • How he keeps their team and school energy high.
  • Hiring and firing team members.
  • Advice for teachers or music studio owners.
  • The secret formula to getting everyone involved in launching new programs.
  • What keeps Rob constantly trying and searching for new things to do instead of giving up and finding something else to do.
  • Adapting and staying afloat during the COVID pandemic. 
  • His secret sauce in business.
  • Rob’s book recommendations.

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Rob Spampinato is the owner of Rob’s School of Music. He just released This Book Shreds, a foundational guide to understand, practice, and make music, while also setting goals and achieving them. He started playing music when he was five years old but quit the instrument at six. At 13, his best friend started playing and asked him to dig that old guitar out of his closet. A quarter of a century later, thousands of gigs, tens of thousands of lessons later, music is now his life. His music school and his book show people it’s never too late to make music a part of your life. Rob has taught over 30k lessons and interviewed artists like Steve Vai, Phil X (Bon Jovi Guitarist), Richard Fortus (Guns N Roses Guitarist), and Arianna Powell (Olivia Rodrigo Guitarist).

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