#005: Connecting Faith and Music with Josh Ross

The things you did in your past have a strong connection to what the future will bring you. Josh Ross is a testament to this. And in today’s episode, he shares his story of how his faith and music and the things he did in his past has contributed to his success as a musical director at their church and as a music studio owner. Josh also reveals the marketing secrets that have helped him grow the J-RO School of Music into one of the most sought-after music schools in his area.

  • Josh’s transition from a performing musician and entertainer to a music school owner and church music director. 
  • The importance of having supportive parents for aspiring musicians.
  • How his community and church contributed to his love for music while growing up.
  • The story of how he made new opportunities offered to him work.
  • Josh reveals his marketing secrets for the J-RO School of Music.
  • One piece of wisdom for guitar players and music teachers.

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Josh Ross founded the J-RO School of Music to empower students to make their musical dreams a reality. He currently lives in Troy, Michigan with his wife, Lea. Josh has helped hundreds of students to become confident musicians, some of whom have become full-time professional musicians and teachers. Performed throughout Michigan, the U.S. and internationally in Mexico, Italy, and Poland, Josh loves to share the gift of music with others. He ensures that students receive world-class instruction while having fun throughout the entire process. Josh receives ongoing training in voice, guitar, piano, and teaching, which empowers him to continually deliver fresh, top-notch instruction to his students and staff. 

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