#003: Success Principles for Musicians with Lauren Bateman

If you want to turn your passion for music into something professional, Lauren’s story is the perfect starting point. Lauren is a former scientist turned music school owner and online teacher. In this episode, she shares the secrets of her success, what makes her stand out, and what sets her apart. If you want to learn success principles for musicians and what it takes to grow your studio, this episode is a must-listen!

  • Lauren’s transition from a scientist to a music school owner and online teacher.
  • Things that Lauren did to achieve success despite the COVID pandemic.
  • Actions that led to the massive growth of her brick & mortar music school.
  • What made her stand out and blow up on YouTube.
  • Lauren’s YouTube coaching for teachers who want to shift online.
  • Advice for musicians around money.
  • The intentions behind creating her free community.
  • Lauren tells us more about her Beginner Guitar Course.
  • The secrets behind her success in all the areas she dove into.
  • The importance of having the right coaching and mentorship.

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Guitar Episode 3 - Success Principles for Musicians with Lauren Bateman

As childhood cancer survivor, Lauren knows the importance of living in the moment. That’s why she quit her cushy job as a cancer researcher to pursue a career in music. Since that pivotal moment in 2010, Lauren has opened multiple music schools in the Boston area as well as built a massive following online via her YouTube guitar lessons where she currently has over 190K subscribers. Lauren’s teaching philosophy is to make sure that students always feel good about their decision to learn music. Now she is helping other teachers learn how to navigate YouTube and the online course market.

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