#001: Building Transformative Guitar Playing Experiences for Students feat. Darryl Powis

In this pioneer episode of the TopMusicGuitar podcast, we’re excited to share the expertise and guitar playing experiences of Darryl Powis, owner of Guitar Tuition East London School. Darryl has enjoyed a varied career, from being a talented performance musician to establishing his music school in London. He uses visualisation techniques as well as deep practice to achieve his guitar teaching goals. 

  • Darryl’s journey from bands to founding a music school.
  • Taking the plunge into teaching.
  • Investing in yourself to create an edge in the industry.
  • Techniques for giving a WOW factor to students.
  • Advice for live performances, showcases and events.
  • Building a sense of community within your school.
  • Deep practice and how to use it with students.
  • His passion for visualisation .
  • 3 steps to working on visualisation.
  • One piece of wisdom from his guitar playing experiences.

Guitar Teaching Links Mentioned

Guitar Teaching Resources Mentioned

Today’s Guest

Guitar Playing Experiences expert teacher Darryl Powis

Darryl Powis is a guitar teacher, player and performer based in London in the UK. Primarily he owns and runs Guitar Tuition East London, a guitar school where he helps students to make a lot of progress in their guitar playing – even if they never thought they had any talent. An ex-member of bands Neon Nurse and This Blank Page, Darryl is now writing solo guitar material and keeps his youtube page up to date with guitar tips and tricks to help people learn guitar.

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